A photo shoot with STASAN by renowned German photographer Bernd Wittelsbach recently took place in the South of France.

In this photo shoot, Stasan is revealing his new look for the upcoming album and concert tour “Le Sud”. Stasan was inspired by the beauty and serenity of the Provence in creating his new look but also in developing and writing the music for Le Sud such as for the upcoming movie "Split Feather" of megabien.

"Le Sud" is set for release on the megabien music label in October 2017. The first single “Je N´En Sais Rien” in support of his second studio album was released in November 2016; the single´s music video was also produced in the Provence and can be watched here.

Bernd Wittelsbach is a people, nature and commercial photographer, specializing in corporate photography and images telling stories on its own, concentrating on the motive, the scene and the situation. In 1989, he founded, together with German photographer Andreas Mechmann, the photo studio Kontrast Fotodesign based in Frankfurt, Germany.

Bernd has realized projects for multi-national corporate clients such as Siemens, Nintendo Europe, Esprit, Asbach Uralt, DuPont or Randstad. Besides his home country Germany, he has worked around the globe, such as in India, USA, Morocco, Italy and France.

Click here to see more of Stasan´s photo shoot.




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