STASAN´s new album SERENITY is published today November 26, 2018 on the label megabien music.

In comparison to STASAN´s previous two studio albums, SERENITY is certainly a more rock-style album, and is closer to STASAN’s roots, the rock of the 60’s. STASAN’s lyrics of the full-length studio album were inspired by current political events such as in “REFUGEE”, “THE LORD” or “STILL ALIVE”, but also by day-to-day life observations like in “DON’T GIVE UP” or “GET YOURSELF ANOTHER MAN”. But, there are also some love songs included, “YOU AND ME BABE” and “AMELIE”.

And as a change from his previous albums, SERENITY also includes instrumentals, such as “THE RIDE” which is a collaboration with Minneapolis-born and Mexico-based singer-songwriter Todd Clouser, Grammy Award winning drummer Hernan Hecht and renowned Mexican bass player Aaron Cruz. The other tracks on SERENITY feature some talented French musicians, among them Franck Ridacker on drums (Johnny Hallyday, Tony Joe White, Calvin Russl, etc.) and guitarist Marc Jallais (Christophe Mae), but also touring/studio musicians Stephane Allemand on bass, and especially the very talented, young guitar player Sam Tallet. French background singers Coralie Pickles and Kinou Ridacker have tastefully contributed to four SERENITY tracks.

SERENITY has been recorded, mixed and mastered at the megabien studios in the Provence. Serenity is available worldwide on iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon, and many more.




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