The new single HELP ME of STASAN feat. CABODEVILA is set for release on March 27, 2019 on the label megabien music.

HELP ME, written by STASAN, incorporates an upbeat Americana rhythm to an otherwise dreary subject matter – the current political climate. In a call-and-response duet style, STASAN and CABODEVILA question the truth, their news sources, and the actions of world powers through the metaphors of a weather forecast. Consistent with this avant-garde writing style, STASAN strikes a chord in social justice music with this hard-hitting, foot-tapping critique on matters of racism, political parties, and climate change.

STASAN has already previously collaborated with CABODEVILA, who is a German born singer-songwriter and guitarist with Spanish roots. CABODEVILA´s first solo record is due for release in April 2019, celebrated with a release concert at the Maximal Kulturinitiative in Rodgau, Germany on Friday April 13.

HELP ME has been recorded, mixed and mastered at the megabien studios in the Provence.




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