MEGABIEN is pleased to announce the release of the new STASAN album “ENSEMBLE”. After “A Long Way”, “Le Sud” and “Serenity”, the new album “ENSEMBLE” is the fourth studio album of STASAN. This time, and due to the pandemic, all songs have been produced and recorded by STASAN himself in his home studio in the South of France.

Although “ENSEMBLE” includes some previous single releases, such as “Danz”, a collaboration with French artist  JM Marquis, or “Help Me” a duet with Spanish/German singer songwriter CABODEVILA and the charting single “Time2Go” featuring again saxophone player David Eiland (D.Bowie, Janet Jackson…), STASAN presents some new songs, different from the musical style you may be familiar with. “Sail Away” and “Who Is Talking” will certainly put a smile in your face and make you like to dance. They are strongly contrasting with the more sad lyrics of the ballads “Outer Space” and “The Child” talking about the future of our children on planet earth. The melancholic, sentimental songs “Love Was Born” and “Call Your Name” talk about stories that happened in STASAN’s personal environment inspiring him spontaneously to make a song about, such as “Peter” which is a homage to his close friend and renowned piano player Peter Schimke who took his life in February 2020.

Last not least, STASAN wrote a song for his beloved cat “Sylvester” telling the story how the little kitten joined the megabien production team during a  birthday celebration…

Ensemble will be released on December 15, 2021 on all international platforms.





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