The new studio album of megabien artist STASAN, produced in Minneapolis/USA, Odenwald/Germany and France (Corsica and Provence) will be released on December 29, 2017. All songs are again written by STASAN and are produced in Minneapolis/USA, Odenwald/Germany and France (Corsica and Provence). But “Le Sud” is not only about the South of France, it includes also songs translating STASAN’s relentless criticism of injustice and racism, as well as his message to build a world without hatred, such as “Running Out Of Time, or “There Was A Time” that describes the steal of Indian land in North America. This second studio album confirms STASAN’s unique, straightforward, personal songwriting and guitar style that is influenced by his musical life in Germany during the 60’s. The participation of musicians from Minneapolis, such as saxophonist David Eiland (David Bowie, Janet Jackson, Human League etc.…), and others from Germany and France have tastefully contributed to STASAN’s second album, amplifying its special style between Rock and groovin’ ballads.



Stasan recently performed at the official opening reception of the art exhibition Licht.Blick (Light.Sight) of German artist Günter Vest and German photographer Bernd Wittelsbach of Kontrast-Fotodesign in Frankfurt, Germany.

The night was a big success! The opening ceremony attracted an overwhelming crowd, far surpassing expectations. The excitement in the air was palpable during the whole evening. The event was accompanied by live music of American singer-songwriter and guitarist Stasan and German singer and guitarist Norman Taylor.

The art exhibition is now open to the public. Be sure to swing by at the Frankfurter PresseClub in downtown Frankfurt, Germany and see Günter´s exceptional lamps (unique specimens) on display and Bernd´s amazing elevated prints (limited editions) on the walls. The exhibition is open Mondays to Fridays 11.30 am to 2.00 am and Sundays 6.00 pm to 2.00 am until August 30th.

All of the objects exhibited are available for purchase. Günter´s unique lamps can be ordered here; Bernd´s stunning photographs can be acquired here.



A photo shoot with STASAN by renowned German photographer Bernd Wittelsbach recently took place in the South of France.

In this photo shoot, Stasan is revealing his new look for the upcoming album and concert tour “Le Sud”. Stasan was inspired by the beauty and serenity of the Provence in creating his new look but also in developing and writing the music for Le Sud such as for the upcoming movie "Split Feather" of megabien.

"Le Sud" is set for release on the megabien music label in October 2017. The first single “Je N´En Sais Rien” in support of his second studio album was released in November 2016; the single´s music video was also produced in the Provence and can be watched here.

Bernd Wittelsbach is a people, nature and commercial photographer, specializing in corporate photography and images telling stories on its own, concentrating on the motive, the scene and the situation. In 1989, he founded, together with German photographer Andreas Mechmann, the photo studio Kontrast Fotodesign based in Frankfurt, Germany.

Bernd has realized projects for multi-national corporate clients such as Siemens, Nintendo Europe, Esprit, Asbach Uralt, DuPont or Randstad. Besides his home country Germany, he has worked around the globe, such as in India, USA, Morocco, Italy and France.

Click here to see more of Stasan´s photo shoot.



Singer-songwriter STASAN releases his new single "Je N'En Sais Rien" (I Don´t Know). The song will be part of his forthcoming second studio album "Le Sud".

"Je N'En Sais Rien" is STASAN´s first song recorded in French. The single´s music video was produced by megabien entertainment in the South of France last month. Watch video here.

The new studio album "Le Sud" is currently in production in the South of France and is scheduled to be released in October 2017.



STASAN´s first live album "Live From Roaix" will be released on September 15, 2016 on the label megabien music.

All the tracks of this live album were recorded during an outdoor concert in May 2016 in Roaix, France. Besides ten original tracks of singer-songwriter STASAN, the album includes also two originals of British guest artist Fred Stephenson. Click here for more information about the album.

The full concert has been recorded (audio & video) by megabien entertainment for international distribution. The new live CD as well as  the concert DVD are available for purchase.. 



Stasan is proud to announce the release of the concert video of his latest live performance in France.

The concert was held to celebrate the release of his studio album “A Long Way”. It was played at the winery Les Auzieres, on a stage overlooking the surrounding wine fields and with a view on the famous Mont Ventoux and Les Dentelles de Montmirail. The area is well known for its excellent wine and the picturesque nature as well as historic villages.

The full-length concert video “Stasan – Live from Roaix” can be seen on this website, click here to get redirected to the video section. So, sit back and enjoy.



Looking back to some very successfull days filled with numerous events to celebrate the release of Stasan´s new album A Long Way

Thanks to everybody who made these events possible and enjoyable. Thanks to everybody who came out to join the VIP party and concerts.

"I enoyed it so much, I will be back to share more music with my French fans" (Stasan)